It’s only the beginning

Hello everyone,

You’re probably wondering who we are and why we have chosen to begin this project.

Daryl and I have been huge fans of video games since our fingers could wrap around a control. This fascination has grown with us, and we seek to not only play video games, but be active in creating something that will last and that will document the story of how it all began. We are independent filmmakers and we have set out to make this film and will not give up until we see it happen.

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We have booked interviews, have created a script, calculated a budget and are more than eager to begin filming our documentary on the history of video games. Our film will focus on the early years starting with Atari. We took on this initiative because we felt that this story had not been told the way we would like. We want to tell this story through the perspective of those men and women who were there and capture as best possible the personalities of the pioneers and creators. We will cover pivotal events that shaped the industry and made it what it is today.


For the past month or so, we have not stopped contacting professionals in the industry. We successfully brought about 8 individuals who are willing to be interviewed including Atari’s founder, Nolan Bushnell himself and featured in our film and are still contacting others. However, we need to begin collecting funds. We chose Kickstarter as the ideal platform to do so.


If you have a moment, believe in this idea, and want to see it made, please visit our Kickstarter page and donate whatever you can. You will receive rewards for different tiers of donation. If you are pressed for cash, you can promote us to friends and family via social media sites or other media. Anything you do for our project will be greatly appreciated.

You can also like us on Facebook and follow this blog for updates on the film’s progress!