Special Thanks!

We wouldn’t have been able to have begun this project without everyone who made the decision to give to our Kickstarter. So this blog is dedicated to all of you!

Here’s a picture of one of our sets inside IGN:


We used the names provided by the backers via Kickstarter. We’ve listed everyone by alphabetical order using last names. Those without any last names are listed last.

Francheska Alcantara, Barbara Alfonso, Rafael Castro e Alves, Svend Andersen, Justin Anzelone, Kris Arca, Juan Arevalo, David Atehortua, Elayne Baldelomar, Martin Balhar, David Barcelo, Omar Barcelo, John Barrett, John Bennardo, Kevin Bernfeld, Troy Bernier, James Bratek, Christian Brödermann, Josh Brooker, David Bush,  Brent Bushnell, Ryan Brush, July C, Jonathan Chapman, Shawn Christian, Ben Combee, Carson Coots, Agustín Cordes, Charlie Crespo, Joey Daoud, Karume Deco, Mike Desmarais, Roberto Dominguez, Charles Donate, Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola, Roxana Ferraro, Film Pulse, Sean Finnegan, David R. Foley, John Folkers, Derek Freeman, David Frisch, Ken Gagne, Jack Gardner, ryan gavigan, Daniel Gil, Jennifer Gonzalez, Steven Gonzalez, Ricky Gonzalez Jr., Justin Gorson, Dean Guadagno, Elad Haber, Gregg Hansen, Kevin Hodgson, Chris Hogan, Trevor Holyoak, Ernie Hsiung, Alan Huang, Bryant Huber, Chris Huber, Hugues Johnson, Paweł K., Austin Kelly, Matthew Kennedy, Brian Kidwell, André Kishimoto, Dave Kliman, David Kudrev, Scott Lambert, Michelle Larson, David Lawrance, Elad Levran, Rob Maerz, Rob McCallum, Gary McTaggar, Erika Medina, Gil Megidish, Jonathan Miley, Matt Miller, Adrian Fernandez Morrell, Phil Mullins, Christopher “DarkWolfNine” Muzatko, John Norton, Rusty Nunnelee, Peter O’Brien, Vanessa P, Katie Pacheco, Apa Papa, Jared Petty, John Pompa, Simon Priest, Janin Quezada, Stephen Rankin, Sheri Graner Ray, Mark Reick, Craig Ritchie, Whitney Roberts, Miguel A. Rodriguez, Dave Ross, Owen Rubin, Ian Sanchez,  Kevin Savetz, Ranjeet Singh, Chuck Smith, Charles Stanley, Joonatan Syrjätie, Kareem Tabsch, Juan J. Theurer, Grant F Thienemann, Jay Tholen, Timothy & Linda Toler, Richard Tongeman, Richard Tongue, Michael Towns, Steve Ulrich, Jessica Valladares, Victor Max Vellon, Rune Vendler, Jeff Von Ward, Kenny Walker,  Matt Walsh, Brad Welch, Andrew Will,  Ross Williams, Tyson Wiebe, Nicholas Whaley, Josh Wolf, Karl Edward Woods, Karen Worden & David Branin, Nick Yonge, Nazneen Zaidi, Georgia Zoyganelis.

Camila,  EdwardD, Erin, Greg2600, Hinterland, Kat, Kelly, Laura, lowpolycount, Megafounder, MzRie, Paul,  Robin, Trias, vikMage, theweirdn8, ZikZak.

Thank you to all of you, from Daryl and I, for making World 1-1 a reality!


I will be posting up a blog about the ins and outs of our first trip of interviews in the upcoming week, so please check back for it!


T-1 Week for Production!

Our film reached its $15,000 goal on November 6 with 150 wonderful backers!!!!! Those four weeks were quite trying, but we gave it our all and got one step closer to making the film with the help of media, friends, family, and strangers who believed in us.

Successfully Funded!

Now, almost a month later, we are about to fly out to 5 cities and interview 10 individuals. It’s almost unbelievable.

With the funding we received, we were able to get the equipment we needed, purchase airplane tickets, lodging, as well as car rental to transport our equipment to filming locations. We still have some saved up for a future trip, which will most likely happen in March if scheduling goes according to plan (but we still have several logistics to work out before we solidify those plans).

But right now, there is next week! We fly out December 10 for an amazing week of nothing but interviewing key figures in the initial development of one of the biggest industries in existence and individuals who passionately love and know that history! Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for continual photo updates of our first trip in our production phase! You can expect a post-trip blog about our adventures, surprises, and hopefully limited or lack of mishaps, while producing this film! Thanks for following us 🙂

Twinfinite meet World 1-1, World 1-1 meet Twinfinite

After work on Friday, right after rush hour traffic, we were set to join Yamila Avendano and Andy Ruiz from Twinfinite for an interview.

Twinfinite's New Logo

We sat there super excited to finally get to see each other after a few months of following them on Twitter and Youtube and reading up on the games they were playing. This team of games journalists are truly exceptional, and we can definitely relate to their small start and aspirations to greatness in the realm of video games.

Just a few moments after taking a seat, we look up and there they are with their camera ready and welcoming smiles. We found a spot with less noise and started with the interview. It was the first face to face interview we had the privilege of participating in, and we appreciated the fact we got to carry an ongoing dialogue about our film. As fellow gamers interested in the origins of the industry, we spoke with ease and transparency about our passion for this project, the content we want to cover, our plan of action and experience, and the challenges we’ve faced in our Kickstarter campaign. We can’t wait to see it up and share it with all of you. We loved the whole thing so much that later that night we agreed on having some pizza slices with the members of the team and talk games sometime in the future.

You can follow Twinfinite on Twitter.  I am very thankful to Twinfinite and to all of you who have shown incredible support. Keep sharing about our film with your friends.

The deadline may appear far, but time seems to be moving all too quickly and the funds aren’t catching up. If you truly believe that this an awesome idea, please help us in whatever way you can so that we can make it happen for us and for all of you. Here’s the all too familiar link  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1128229743/world-1-1

Interviews, The Long Dark, and more to come

Hello all!

I have not written in a while because we’ve been constantly promoting since the moment we wake up, until the moment our eyes close.

But it has not been in vain. We reached $1,000 and the number is still growing. Hinterland Studio, the game developing company behind The Long Dark, is officially the first company to support us. It’s curious because I initially backed them way before I even considered the Kickstarter campaign for World 1-1. I saw their trailer and instantly saw the potential. Now, I can’t wait to get my copy.


They still have a few hours to meet their stretch goals, so go on over and give what you can: The Long Dark


In addition, we have been interviewed by several sites. Check them out to learn more about us:



Gaming Cypher

We still have a long way to go to reach our goal, please visit our Kickstarter, check the rewards, give what you can, and share with others about us.

Also visit our Facebook and like us 🙂


1-1 Art by Kickiest Crafts

Some Exciting News!

We have added Garry Kitchen, programmer for Atari 2600’s Donkey Kong, to our confirmed interviewee list.


Not only that! We will be filming at Arcade Odyssey, South Florida’s #1 arcade and have established a great dialogue with the owner of that amazing establishment, Rick Medina.


We met with him last night and had an insightful conversation about his business, his passion for video games, and his amazing collection. His insights on private business, his idea of creating a mega video game museum, and his tour were incredible. We even got to play the newest addition to the rotation of arcade games (which will soon be added to the floor), The Act, with the original knob gameplay.


There is truly no place like Arcade Odyssey

Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arcadeodyssey 

We will be updating soon with photos from his arcade, so stay tuned!

It’s only the beginning

Hello everyone,

You’re probably wondering who we are and why we have chosen to begin this project.

Daryl and I have been huge fans of video games since our fingers could wrap around a control. This fascination has grown with us, and we seek to not only play video games, but be active in creating something that will last and that will document the story of how it all began. We are independent filmmakers and we have set out to make this film and will not give up until we see it happen.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 11.34.18 AM

We have booked interviews, have created a script, calculated a budget and are more than eager to begin filming our documentary on the history of video games. Our film will focus on the early years starting with Atari. We took on this initiative because we felt that this story had not been told the way we would like. We want to tell this story through the perspective of those men and women who were there and capture as best possible the personalities of the pioneers and creators. We will cover pivotal events that shaped the industry and made it what it is today.


For the past month or so, we have not stopped contacting professionals in the industry. We successfully brought about 8 individuals who are willing to be interviewed including Atari’s founder, Nolan Bushnell himself and featured in our film and are still contacting others. However, we need to begin collecting funds. We chose Kickstarter as the ideal platform to do so.


If you have a moment, believe in this idea, and want to see it made, please visit our Kickstarter page and donate whatever you can. You will receive rewards for different tiers of donation. If you are pressed for cash, you can promote us to friends and family via social media sites or other media. Anything you do for our project will be greatly appreciated.

You can also like us on Facebook and follow this blog for updates on the film’s progress!